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A little education for the newer fans of MMA.

UFC 1:  The beginning of it all!! A little lesson in one of the most beautiful arts in the world: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 

Check out this video of Royce Gracie submitting Ken Shamrock with a neck crank- The beginning of an era.

To see his career highlights go here:

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Over 1 million hits.  An interview you can’t afford to miss.  Check out the infamous Rampage Jackson “hump” interview.

To learn more about Rampage, follow him on twitter: @Rampage4Real

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One of the deepest division in Strikeforce has to be middleweight.  People think of names such as Souza, Lawler, Lindland, Cung, Diaz, Miller,  Kennedy…the list go’s on.

At only 26, many people in the industry believe that Luke Rockhold of AKA is a darkhorse in the division- and at some point will hold the belt.  The people here at Cagehero agree!  Strikeforce and EA Sports must see Luke as a bright prospect as well, putting him in their promotional tour last year.  To learn more about the tour go here:

You might have heard about him but you need to take a look for yourself!  Check the fight above…. We all are anxious to see Luke get back in the ring to see more!!!!!

Next week we will be releasing our new CAGEHERO character that will be the Rockhold walkout tee…stay tuned!!!

To find out more about Luke, follow him on twitter @rockholdmma 

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We figured we would start off our blog with one of the most entertaining figures in the Industry:  Phil “The New York Bad ass” Baroni.  Attached is one of our favorite interviews, where Phil details the favorite part of his day is the “showa”.  

Phil is from our native town, Long Island and has trained with many of our sponsored fighters out of American Kickboxing Academy over in San Jose.  Everyone always has nice things to say about this guy. 

When Phil fights you know one thing for sure: your in for some entertainment, before-during-and after the bell.  I’ll always remember that relentless KO over Dave Menne back in the day, where after he proclaimed himself “the best ever”.  Check it here:

To find out more about Phil, follow him on twitter @philbaroni .  The guy is always inspiring others to keep pushing and to follow our motto’s of Follow your passion™  + The Hero comes from Within™ 

Phil, best of luck in the future!! Comments welcome by everybody!!

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It’s pretty simple….everyday at 12pmEastern/9amPacific we will release a MMA themed YOUTUBE video.  

Educational…Funny….Old School…a Great Fight…an Interview….Showcasing someone…something to show everybody out there that Mixed Martial Arts is the greatest sport in the world!!!!!  Enjoy!!